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When you think about drinking a cup of tea you don’t really think about your kids sitting down to have a cuppa. But we have a great range of teas that are “little sparrow friendly” and not only safe for kids to drink but also have great health benefits.

Most of our organic herbal teas and fruit tisanes are a safe and healthy alternative to juice or soft drinks because they offer a variety of interesting flavours without added sugar, flavourings, colourings and additives.

Tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. Tisanes and herbals teas are brewed in the same way and contain a blend of fruits, herbs, flowers and other plants but are not technically considered to “tea”.

Fruit Tisanes – are made solely from dried fruit and flowers are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They have a natural sweetness and once steeped, very little sugar (or fructose from the fruit) remains but the flavour is still there. If you have little ones that refuse to drink any water try making a very weak fruit tea such as our Forest Berries or Strawberries & Cream. Little will they know they are drinking water with a slight hint of taste! Our fruit teas can be served hot or cold and are even delicious frozen into homemade ice blocks.

Rooibos and Honeybush are two caffeine free teas known as “red teas”. Rooibos (plain, chai, vanilla or choc orange) has been a Red Sparrow favourite for some time now, and last year we introduced “Honeybush Sunset” which has become very popular. Both have a slightly sweet taste which make them popular with kids but even better, they have a load of health benefits. Both are high in antioxidants and minerals, and Rooibos is also an anti-spasmodic (good for stomach aches and colic). Honeybush has the added benefit of being an excellent expectorant (good for upper respiratory problems).

Herbal Blends – we have a whole range of organic herbal blends which are excellent for little sparrows. My kids love our lemongrass and ginger. Lime blossom is great for tummy aches and anxiety, peppermint tastes great and is good for kids who feel sick in the tummy and chamomile is a great calming tea. Our popular liquorice mint tea is great for sore throats. Add a little soda water to our organic hibiscus for a yummy drink the kids won’t even know it doesn’t contain sugar!

You can give toddlers any of these teas as well, just brew for a shorter amount of time or add more water to dilute the tea more.

So if the kids refuse to drink or are sick of water, we have a whole range of “little sparrow friendly teas” – you can check out our website or drop into the store to find out more!

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