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While the concept of a cup of tea and a piece of cake or bikkie go hand in hand, tea is not often considered as an ingredient in baked goods.

Adding tea to your baking adds unique flavour as well as a touch of intrigue and sophistication to nearly any recipe. Baking with tea opens up a world of new and interesting flavours.

You can experiment with so many different tea combinations, everything from herbals (chamomile) to fruity and sweet (French Earl Grey) to smoky and deep (Yunnan or Lap sang Souchong), even spicy (hello chai!) flavoured. With over 90 teas on the Red Sparrow menu the options are endless!

Now we tea ladies are not professional bakers by any means, but we’ve done a bit of research and come up with some recipes to inspire your entry into the world of baking with tea.

First of all, how do you do it?

Of course, you can simply infuse your tea in water as you would do when making a cup of tea and pour it into the recipe. But few baking recipes actually call for water.

Infusing in milk is another option but often the amount of milk required isn’t enough to really impart the taste of the tea into your recipe.

Acclaimed chef and author of Cooking with Tea and The Dessert Architect, Robert Wemischner, says the secret the secret to tea-infused baked goods is by using unsalted butter and good quality loose leaf tea.

You can find out the basic steps and tips on how to infuse butter with your choice of tea in his article: “A Bit of Tea Alchemy”.

And now for the best part, the recipes:

Chai Tea Cookies

Mixed Berry & Jasmine Tea Scones

Chocolate Dipped Chai Shortbread

Earl Grey Honey Lavender Tea Cake

Camomile Tea & Lemon Shortbread

Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey Truffles

Oolong Donuts with a Milk Tea Glaze

Raspberry Earl Grey Cake

Chocolate Chai Cupcakes with Chai Spice Buttercream

Roll with Chamomile Whipped Cream

Earl Grey Bundt Cake with Lavender Icing

Chamomile Vanilla Cupcake

*some of these recipes use teabags in their ingredients but of course using Red Sparrow quality loose leaf tea would impart a much better flavour!

**we are willing to act as guinea pigs should you require any when experimenting with baking with tea

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