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This is the tea that Fairytales are made of...

This is the tea that Fairytales are made of...

August 26, 2018

Once upon a time there was a delightful selection of natural ingredients just waiting for the day that they would be blended together.
Then that day came and suddenly they became a wonderful, magical tea called ‘Fairytale’...
Fairytale is one of our most loved blends. A beautiful infusion of delicious and healthy ingredients.
Visually this is one of our prettiest teas with a soothing sweet aroma.
So what’s in this blend and is it good for you or is that just a fairytale?
Read on and discover why Red Sparrow Tea Company’s beautiful Fairytale tea is a must for your mind, body and wellbeing.
White Tea - White tea is packed with antioxidants making it an incredibly healthy tea. The goodness of white tea is said to assist with cardiovascular disorders, reduces the risk of cancer, can lower bad cholesterol and for those wanting to lose a few pounds is the perfect weight loss tea.
Rose Petal - Rose petals are a mood enhancing and uplifting ingredient in the tea blend. Perfect for those feeling down. Good for mental health.The petals are also high in Vitamin C which is essential to the strength of your immune system.
Globe Amaranth - This wonderful and bright coloured ingredient is very well known for improving your skin. Not all skin care is needed from the outside, inside care is just as vital. Globe Amaranth can also lower blood pressure and reduce fatigue. It is asthma friendly and assists with upper respiratory issues. 
Strawberry - A great source of manganese and potassium plus of course it’s a delicious addition to the many flavours of this beautiful  brew.
Apple - There are so many wonderful benefits to apple. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples are excellent for diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Apple is also wonderful for preventing stomach disorders. And of course the flavour or apple brewed is just so yummy.
Hibiscus - This amazing flower is not only stunning it also holds so many health benefits for you. Hibiscus is brilliant for the immune and digestive systems. It also assists with inflammatory problems.This beauty has also shown in studies that it helps in treating liver disease. Another little secret that the pretty Hibiscus flower holds is that it also speeds up your metabolism making it a great ingredient to include if you are trying to lose weight. 
Rosehip - One of the wonders of nature Rosehip is another little gem that is great for you both on the inside and out. It eliminates toxins and unwanted fats from the body taking the pressure off your kidneys and liver. Rosehip is also known to have analgesic properties assisting with relief of pain from sprains and inflammatory issues. Full of powerful antioxidants your skin will love and soak in the goodness of Rosehip. Many people swear they have a marked improvement of the appearance of their skin when using Rosehip regularly.  
As you can see this Fairytale will have you living happily ever after!
You can try it here!
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