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Gunpowder Green

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A strong and tangy boost of powerful antioxidants. This green tea is bursting with healthy benefits. 
Gunpowder Green goes through a very particular process to ensure the leaves have less physical damage and breakage allowing them to retain more of the flavour, aroma and beneficial antioxidants.
Especially delicious when served with a dash of mint.
Water should be approximately 80 - 90 degrees.
Place 1 teaspoon of gunpowder tea per cup into your Pot, Teacup or Gaiwan.
Fill with pot with the water, swirl around to rinse the tea and warm the pot, tip tea into each cup to warm them as well.
Discard this water, now refill the teapot and brew the tea for one minute.
Pour the tea into the cups and it is ready to be tasted.
 Green tea leaves tightly rolled to resemble gun powder pellets

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    Type: Tea - Green

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